1. Happy Birthday, Raymond Chandler!

  2. Happy Birthday, Pablo Neruda!

  3. Happy Birthday, Alice Munro!

    Commenting on winning the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature.

  5. Daniel Keyes, best known for Flowers for Algernon, died this past Sunday, June 15th, at age 86.

  6. Happy Birthday, Margaret Wise Brown!

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  7. Remembering Maurice Sendak, who died on this day, May 8, in 2012.

  8. Thank you, teachers! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!


  12. Our belated Woman Crush Wednesday for National Library Week is super librarian Nancy Pearl!

  13. "If I were asked to name the chief event in my life, I should say my father’s library." -Jorge Luis Borges

  14. The Great Gatsby was published, on this day, April 10, in 1925.

  15. Happy Birthday, Barbara Kingsolver!