1. In the end, good prevailed over evil.

    Atticus Finch defeated Lord Voldemort, 78%-22%, to become your 2014 Book Madness Champion!

  2. Book Madness Championship Update!

    We crown a champion at 2pm ET!

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  3. The Book Madness: Final is set!

    Atticus Finch vs. Voldemort.

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    Will good or evil prevail?

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    Book Madness Championship @ 2pm ET!

    March Madness in April!

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  5. Book Madness: Final Four update!

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  6. The Book Madness: Final Four is set!

    Atticus vs. Aslan

    Sauron vs. Voldemort

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  7. Book Madness - Elite 8 update!

    Voting for this round ends Thursday, 11:59am ET.

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  8. Book Madness: Elite 8 matchups are set!

    Voldemort vs. White Witch … Sauron vs. Lady Macbeth

    Aslan vs. Frodo … Harry Potter vs. Atticus Finch

    Voting ends Thursday, April 3, 11:59AM ET!

  9. Book Madness: Sweet 16 voting ends at 11:59am ET!

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  10. The Sweet 16 matchups are set!

    Satan vs. Voldemort
    White Witch vs. Dracula
    Sauron vs. Big Brother 
    Lady Macbeth vs. Nurse Ratched

    Jane Eyre vs. Aslan 
    Odysseus vs. Frodo
    Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Potter 
    Atticus Finch vs. Lisbeth Salander


  11. Book Madness - Day 3: 1st-round results!

    2nd-round voting is now open! 



  12. Book Madness-Day 2: 1st-round update!


    1st-round voting ends Tuesday, March 25 at 11:59 PM ET!

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    New York Public Library

    Satan (Paradise Lost) leads Captain Hook
    Professor Moriarty leads Patrick Bateman
    Iago leads Claudius
    Voldemort leads Alec d’Urberville
    Wicked Witch of the West leads Milo Minderbinder
    White Witch leads Alex DeLarge
    Bob Ewell leads Cathy Ames
    Count Dracula leads President Snow


    Sauron leads Judge Holden
    Kurtz leads Mrs. Danvers
    Big Brother leads IT (Wrinkle in Time)
    Moby-Dick leads Humbert Humbert
    Count Olaf leads Annie Wilkes
    Lady Macbeth Tom Buchanan
    Napoleon leads Abigail Williams
    Nurse Ratched leads Bill Sikes

    British Library

    Jane Eyre leads Hazel
    Huck Finn leads Peter Pan
    Aslan leads Elizabeth Bennet
    Katniss Everdeen leads Scarlett O’Hara
    Odysseus leads Nancy Drew
    James Bond leads Philip Marlowe
    Meg Murry leads Pip
    Frodo Baggins leads Natty Bumppo

    Library of Congress

    Sherlock Holmes leads Beowulf
    Charlotte A. Cavatica leads John Carter
    Harry Potter leads Coraline
    Othello leads Janie Crawford
    Atticus Finch leads Okonkwo
    Jean Valjean leads Hester Prynne
    Don Quixote leads Tom Joad
    Lisbeth Salander leads Percy Jackson

  13. 1st-round voting is now open!

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  14. Book Madness: Hero vs. Villain!

    In our fourth year, we are mixing it up by letting you vote for your favorite heroes and villains from literature. Just like college basketball’s March Madness, we give you the opportunity to fill out your own bracket and compete against fellow bookworms.

    Submit your bracket for a chance to win a $500 Out of Print gift card and other legendary prizes!

    FIll out your own bracket: http://outofprintclothing.com/book-madness/

  15. Do you have what it takes to pick the winner in our Book Madness: Hero vs. Villain literary tournament?

    Make your predictions and fill out your bracket today!