1. Our belated Woman Crush Wednesday for National Library Week is super librarian Nancy Pearl!

  2. Our women’s Library Stamp shirt is sold out!

    The good news is that we will be reprinting and it’s expected to be back in stock the week of 4/21!

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  4. "If I were asked to name the chief event in my life, I should say my father’s library." -Jorge Luis Borges

  5. Happy National Library Week, everyone!

    We will be expressing our love for libraries all week with quotes, fun facts and other surprises so please share and help us spread the word! 

  6. Happy National Scrabble Day!

  7. Remembering Kurt Vonnegut, who died on this day, April 11, in 2007.

  8. The Great Gatsby was published, on this day, April 10, in 1925.

  9. "The party has begun."

    Happy Birthday, The Great Gatsby!

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  10. "Spotted this morning at Earls Court tube station #lbf14” 

    (h/t @LitBritish)

  11. "You rely on a sentence to say more than the denotation and the connotation; you revel in the smoke that the words send up."

    Toni Morrison is this week’s #womancrushwednesday

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  12. "Boy meets world, boy meets girl."

    Samuel L. Jackson gives Boy Meets World the slam poetry treatment on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

    Watch the whole performance and a bonus slam from Tom Hanks here: http://outofprintclothing.com/2014/04/celebrity-slam-poetry-with-jimmy-fallon/

  13. Happy Birthday, Barbara Kingsolver!

  14. In the end, good prevailed over evil.

    Atticus Finch defeated Lord Voldemort, 78%-22%, to become your 2014 Book Madness Champion!

  15. Book Madness Championship Update!

    We crown a champion at 2pm ET!

    Vote here: http://outofprintclothing.com/book-madness/